Your Blog is your canvass your passion is the color and your motivation is the brush. The more time you spent with it the more it expresses you.

First rule about blogging is write, write what ever you want to write. Even don’t think about the style or vocabulary you use. The more you write the more you will refine your subject and the style in which you write.

Sometimes when you think you don’t have the content to write for your blog write a story about your self or anything be it the, Stupidest. Some of you still don’t understand the subject of this blog and thinking what “I” am writing? As I told you you need to write even if you think it is the craziest thing you are writing.

I know many of you have already left my blog tagging me stupid or crazy but Thank You, we still have some readers who are reading which even I don’t know what I am writing but, I am writing.

If anybody is still here, let me, ask you? Why are you still reading this blog? Is it worthy reading it? If yes, let me know in the comments below why you think so? Though I am very certain nobody is going to comment.

My point to prove here is even writing a trash can be a “masterpiece”. Blogging is the art of engaging yourself with yourself. I am almost finished writing my blog and what I just did I wrote, I wrote a Blog