Droshipping Business Development From Scratch

So I assume you are here because you want to start your own drop shipping business. And you are thinking, Is it too late to start Drop Shipping?. Well, the answer is It is never late to have a successful Drop Shipping Business. It is a proven sustainable business model that has disrupted the e-commerce industry with new innovations & Technologies.

Here on this blog, I will build an Online Dropshipping Store from Scratch using Shopify Platform. You don’t need to have coding or web development experience to make your own online Store with Shopify. The Store will be based on the dropship Business Model without having inventory and upfront investment. If you have the patience & passion to follow the process on the blog, I Guarantee You will Build,

Your own online Business having no Product or Inventory of Your Own & with no knowledge of Website Development.First Thing First! 

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a complete Order fulfillment process from point of sales inquiry to delivery of a product to the customer where a store doesn’t keep the products it sells in stock. Instead, when a store sells a product, it purchases that item from a third party – usually a wholesaler or manufacturer – and they ship that product directly to the store customer.

Online selling merchant often doesn’t disclose it to the customers that a wholesaler is shipping their product. Dropshipping wholesalers will often include a customized packing slip with the store name, logo, and contact information align with the store’s branding to make it look like the retailer fulfilled the order.

A drop shipper is a broker between the actual buyer and Manufacturer/ Supplier.

How Drop Ship Works

How Dropshipping Works?

There are 3  Visible Characters in the whole dropshipping process.

  • You (The Retailer Your Online Store)
  • The Customer who is Buying the product
  • The Manufacturer/ Supplier of the product

“You” Liked a watch and ask the Manufacturer/Supplier that you want to sell this watch on your website and that they will be shipping the watch directly to the customers of your website. You advertise the watch on your Shopify store a customer buys it, the Manufacturer/ supplier will ship the product directly to your customer without letting know your customer that they have shipped the product.

For Small scale ecommerce entrepreneurs dropshipping is the best business model as they don’t have inventory to hold that minimize the upfront investment. Not having Inventory to manage also give them the freedom to concentrate more on the most important thing – Identifying & Bringing New Customers to the store.

Here we will learn the whole process of building your store and dropshipping business from scratch.

Who is Dropshipping?

Nowadays, 22-33% of the entire e-commerce Business uses dropshipping as the primary inventory management model that includes Big Brands Like Amazon, Zappos, Wayfair, Wish.  If these big Giants of e-commerce are still using this business model it shows that it has a lot of space for Small-scale e-commerce entrepreneurs. Zappos Success story is one prime example of Dropshipping business.  In 2009, Amazon purchased Zappos for more than $1.2 billion.

Zappos, One of the Most Inspiring Drop Shipping Success Stories of All Time

Individuals like Irwin Dominguez within just 8 months of starting his drop shipping business, Irwin had already earned $1,000,000 in sales. Irwin’s main piece of advice is, “If I started e-commerce all over again, I would do it sooner.

The success of a Successful Drop Shipping business depends on one thing, willing to learn the process and to innovate with your own Imaginations.The more you read about dropshipping the more you will get the answers to questions you have in mind.

To start with our online business, we first need a website where we can advertise the products and sell it. At this point forget about Design, Branding we will make an online store for  UrTheory and I will take this Journey with you. I will be explaining every step from building our store website from scratch to our first sale with no inventory of our own. The products I will be selling will be drop shipped products. Here are the categories of UrTheory products in which I will be selling

Get Started with Shopify Open Your Store

Shopify is a complete ecommerce solution that allows you to set up your online store to sell your products. It let you organize your products, customize your storefront, accept credit card payments, tracks and respond to orders.  — all with a few clicks of the mouse.

With Shopify’s ecommerce software, you get one unified platform to run your online business without having knowledge of coding, Programming or Web Development.

  • You Can Fully customize your online store
  • Add new sales channels in seconds
  • Manage unlimited products and inventory
  • Fulfill orders in a single step
  • Track sales and growth trends

Click on the image below to start your Shopify store

Start Your Online Store on Shopify

Once You enter your email and click on Get Started the next step will be to Give your store a name As I have written your UrTheory

Shopify Store Development step 2

After Clicking Create Your Store Button You will see the process below in a new window

Shopify Store Development step 3

1 of 3: Creating Your Account

Shopify Store Development step 4

2 of 3: Initializing your store

Shopify Store Development step 5

3 of 3 Applying Store Settings

Shopify Store Development step 6

Shopify will ask Some basic question about you I have answered these questions like this. You can choose any answer in the options

Shopify Store Development step 7

After you click the Next Tab You will be asked about your address so that you can get paid

Shopify Store Development step 9

Congrats, You have successfuly create your own store on shopify.

Shopify Store Development step 10

This is the Admin Panel of your store you created. It means that it is the back-end of your store from here you will manage your store. I will explain every section in details later but for Now, you can see Online Store under the Sales Channels. Click on the text Online Store. Shopify Store Development step 12

The Theme section will open. Shopify will give you a free theme by default and you can customize and edit it very easily according to your needs. As I am creating UrTheory and I have decided my categories I will go with that. Press the customize button and you will see the process below. This is the website visible to visitors now we are customizing it for UrTheory.

Shopify Store Development step 13

On the left side, I will press the header tab to customize it. You will see the process below

Shopify Store Development step 15

I want to put the logo on the left and will select Image to upload the logo. Once you select Image, the following process will execute

Shopify Store Development step 16

Click on Upload an Image and the following process will follow. You can Choose from Free images on the top right. I will be uploading UrTheory LogoShopify Store Development step 17

Good Job, Now we have uploaded logo Press Save on the Top Right. Take a deep breath, relax and even if possible have a glass of water or coffee. Give another read to the blog to refresh what you have learned so far or visit UrTheory to see what you are about to built.

Before Designing our header I will create collections for UrTheory Categories on website

Shopify Store Development step 18

Click on the header to go back to theme customization section you will see the process followed

Shopify Store Development step 19

You Can see UrTheory logo is updated. Now to create our collections you can see the products tab on top left click that and we will see the followed step

Shopify Store Development step 20 creating collection

You will see  All products, Transfers, Inventory, Collection tab below products. Click on collection when you click you will see Collections page as above. Now its very easy to create collection Just Click the Create Collection Tab. When you create collection this is the step the will be followed

Shopify Store Development creating collection

Now when you start filling the form things will look like this. I am creating HandMade Collection of UrTheory

Shopify Store Development step Creating & Saving Collection

I wrote HandMade in the Title as it will be the name of our collection. In the description I wrote Buy Original Handmade products on UrTheory. You Can upload an image for your collection Just click on upload Image to upload it.


This step is very Important. You Can add products manually to any collection but I will use an easy way. I will select products based on a condition to be added to this collection.

Like I select the condition that if I add HandMade tag to any product it will be shown in this collection (HandMade) on the website. I will show you later how will you add tags to any product.

Once you did this step Next is your search engine listing preview. This is how search engines will find your collection on the internet.  I did nothing when I  wrote the title and description it was automatically updated here with a web address to the collection. You can open the link to see how this collection will appear on your Shopify sore website. Click save the collection.

Shopify Store Development step Create Another Collection

Now the HandMade Collection is created you can share it on facebook or you can create another collection. You can click on the view to see how your collection will be shown. This is how HandMade collection looks on UrTheoryUrTheory HandMade

I will repeat the process of creating all collections of UrTheory. Once you created the Collections, we will navigate it to the website. I mean to stay we will create Menus for our Collections in the Header section of the theme. This will make the collections visible to your shopify store visitors in the header of the Website. Currently you can see two menus in the header, Home Catalog. Once we go through this process we will Add products and Tags. As we have no inventory or products of our own we will be selling dropshipped products. We will soon be adding our products in Just few clicks.

Creating Menus For UrTheory Collections

Go to Your Admin Panel. Click on the collections. You will find the collections we just created for UrTheory.

Shopify Store Development All Collections of UrTheory

This is how our collections look. Now we will create Menu for each Collection. Remember I have given each collection its Tag. You can see that in the above picture. So if I give any product any of these tags that product will be shown in the respective collection. If I upload a Gadet and give it Gadgets Tag it will be shown in The Gadgets Collection. You will see the process later. Click on Online Store Open Themes and press the customize Button.

Shopify Store Development Theme Customization

Go to Header and click on that start Customizing. See the process below

Shopify Store Development Editing Header

Under the Logo section You Can see Menu. Click on Edit Menu. See the picture below.

Shopify Store Development Editing Menus on Home Page

Once you click on Edit Menu, You will See Your Main Menu in which we have two items. Home & Catalog. I will delete it. You can keep it but I am just using my Menus only. So click on the delete

Shopify Store Development Deleting Menus

When You Click on the Delete You will see a pop up message to confirm your deletion. Click on the Remove Tab. Repeat the process to delete the catalog. See Below

Shopify Store Development Deleting Menus on Home Page

Now we have removed the Menu Items. We will Create our own Menus. Click on Add menu Item. A pop-up message will be shown. I am making the menu for HandMade Collection. So I Named it HandMade. Under the name, you will see Link. When you click on that You will see Homepage, Search, Collections. Click on the collectionsShopify Store Development adding Menus on Home Page

When you Click on the collections you will see all the collections we created. we will select HandMade. Click Add on Handmade.

We have created Our HandMade Menu for UrTheory HandMade Collection in which those products will be added which have the tag, HandMade.

Shopify Store Development adding collection to menus

The same process goes for each collection. Like I created a Menu Gadgets and add it our Gadgets Collection. So Now those products that have Gadgets Tag will be Shown in The Gadgets Collection and on the Gadgets Menu. It may be very repetitive for you but I Just want you to understand how the tag works. We will be adding tags

Shopify Store Development UrTheory Gadgets

Once all Menus are created Click Save

Shopify Store Development UrTheory Menu

Now open your website it will look like this. The Menus are updated. See the picture below

Shopify Store Development Complete Guide

When you Click on any Menu, The respective

Finding and Adding Products for UrTheory

Now we have created our Menus and Collection. We will be adding products to  our shopify store. As we don’t have our own products. we will be selling drop shipped products on UrTheory. For that we will be adding Free Oberlo App into our Shopify store. It is Just a simple process meanwhile you will also learn to add your first app on your Shopify Store.

let’s get to know about Oberlo.

Oberlo allows you to easily import products from suppliers directly into your Shopify store and ship them directly to your customers – in only a few clicks.

Since the company’s founding in September, 2015, Oberlo merchants have sold over 85 million products around the world.

Oberlo enables thousands of people to run their dropshipping stores with ease.

Easily Add and Ship Products

Import hundreds of products to your store in minutes – and after you receive an order, have it shipped directly to your customer.

Time Savings

Oberlo automates your product and order management, which allows you to spend more time on growing your business.

Earn More Money

Oberlo automations give you more time to focus on generating sales. Sales will give you the opportunity to grow.


To Add Oberlo to Our Shopify Store Click on the Apps in your

admin Panel. Once You Click that You will see Visit Shopify App Store Click That

Get Started with Shopify Apps Store

Now you are in Shopify Apps Store. You will see Oberlo on the top because of its High review rating on the Shopify App Store. Or You Can write Oberlo in the Search. Click On the Oberlo App

Shopify App Store Download Oberlo

You will see complete details about Oberlo App with its introductory Video. Click on the Get Button to install Oberlo on Your Shopify Store.

Get Oberlo free from Shopify Apps Store

You will see the following process Shopify will tell you You are about to Install Oberlo on Your Shopify Store and will give details what information Oberlo will be using to Fulfill your orders.

You are about to Install Oberlo on Your Shopify Store

Once Oberlo is installed on our Shopify Store. You will see Oberlo Dashboard. You will see thousands of products with its price and delivery time details. This will be the price for you of the product and you will be able to set your own price for the product) . These are the products mostly from Oberlo Supply.   If you want to import any product from Aliexpress, Oberlo extension Just let you do it in few clicks. I will show you the complete process of importing products from Ali Express on Oberlo and from Oberlo to your shopify Store (Your Website) and this whole process will not cast you any money untill your customer buy the product. You can search for products in any category in the oberlo Dash Board. We will be selecting our first product on Oberlo for our store. Just click select product our first product will be selected, we want to sell. You can see the process below

Viktorija Donelaite

finding products on oberlo

I selected the product KBAYBO 200ml Essential Oil Diffuser. It will cost me 29.99$ and will take 15-25 days to be delivered to our customers directly.  I will be selling this product without in my own stock. We will now give the product a price we want to sell.  See the process below

Kbaybo 200 ml

I have given it my own price that is $ 40.00. Our Profit margin will be $ 10.01. Click Add Product. The shipping for this product is free and be deliverd to my customer within 15-25 Days.

Edit Oberlo Product in Shopify Store

Once You Add Product You will see the green sign IN STORE, meaning this product is now in your shopify store. Now We will be editing this product. we have 3996 of this product in stock with 4 varieties  based on the plug type, AU, EU, US & UK.  You can edit your shipping options too. I have selected free shipping for US. You can see in the image above Simply Click Edit Product. Once you click the product will open for editing in Your shopify store in the products section. See the image below.

Adding a product on shopify

The product page has these sections.

Title: You can edit the title to make it more attractive to your customer

Description: You can write your own description depending on your style

Images: You can upload many images by simply adding a link or adding from your system.

Variants: Our Varients are automatically updated from oberlo by shopify though you can edit it. We have total of 3996 products with 4 Variants I.e AU, EU, US, UK each varient has 999 in our stock.  All are shipping from China.

Search Engine listing preview: it means that how search engines like google will show this product to the viewers. It will be automatically updated on your product page based on your title & description but you can edit it per your need. You will be given a link as the web s]adress for this product on your stote. Click on the Edit website SEO, (search engine optamization) The more relevant and targeted words you use in your title & description, the more you will be visible on search engines.

On the right side of the product page

we have the following section

Sale channels mean where we are selling this product. currently we are selling it on our shopify online store only thats why it shows 1 sale channel.

Product Type

Here you will give what type of product it is my product type in this case is oil Diffuser. see the image above

Vendor: means who is selling it I wrote your theory

Collections: You can add the product manually to existing collections but here I am adding my product by simply adding a tag for the product


This is the most important part taging the product. This product is a Gadget. We have collection Gadgets where we add those products that are Gadgets. we have already given a condition to Gadgets Collection on our store that If a product is tagged with Gadgets it will be automically shown in that collection. Thats why I add Gadgets as a tag to this product. Make sure you write the correct spelling. For explaination see the picture above. You can add more tags too like Smart Gadget, Oil Diffuser the more intelligent tags you have the more your product will be visible. Click Save on the collection.

How Oberlo Product is Shown on Your Shopify Store

Now go to homepage of the website. Press the Gadget menu and you will find the product is already added to this collection. You can sort the products from based on prices or date. see the image below. In the filter section you can narrow down your search by finding tags added.

First Product Adden on shopify store

Now if some one wants to buy this product and they click on Add to cart, they will see the following process

add to cart on shopify

By default we have our payment option is PayPal you can change it later. If some one wants to check out at this time they will see the following process

Pick a plan for shopify store to capture customer payments

The checkout on your store is locked and to activate that first you have to activate a plan for your shopify store.


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  1. Well this is most comprehensive blog I went through on dropshiping and creating online store.. Pictorial Images are very help to understand the process.


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